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Renew Yourself!

It is insanely difficult to keep up with all the tasks necessary to live a life filled with all healthy choices in this busy world we live in. If this was easy, every person would be fit, healthy; both looking and feeling fantastic. Now don’t go trying to change every unhealthy decision you make at the same time. To make progress takes time. Chanda Green has come up with a few tips the start from the top to make feel a little bit more renewed and rejuvenated.

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1. Start with the top! I know how difficult and painful it is to grow your hair longer. One tip to help with this long process is giving yourself daily scalp massages. Not only is this simple (and cheap) process a great way to reduce stress from everyday life, but it also promotes circulation. Not many people think about their scalp and the importance it can play in growing your hair. So give yourself some loving and massage that scalp of yours!

2. Winter woes! The winter is hard on all of us, including your hair. During these months, everything gets a little drier. To accommodate this change in weather change your hair products seasonally. Take a little extra time to deep condition your lovely mane weekly. Try a light leave in conditioner. It will add a little shine! Chanda Green also suggests using a product with argan oil.

3. Brighten it up! If you’re feeling a little drab change it up a bit. Hair treatments do not have to have horrible consequences on your hair. Go to a professional and ask about organic color systems. MAke sure you ask a lot of questions so you know exactly what is going to happen and change it up! When you look a little different, you feel a little different.

Start small and see big changes! Look better and Feel better!


Real Beauty

Dove has a touching and truly amazing marketing strategy that is pointed toward real women. Dove did a study that asked the question of what beauty really is. When women were asked this question they felt that beauty has become limited and unobtainable. THIS IS A PROBLEM! And Dove felt the same way. They then launched their Real Beauty Campaign to try and make a wider definition of beauty accepted. During Dove’s study they found that 2% of women actually think they are beautiful. Dove’s aim is to make women more comfortable with themselves and change the perception of what “beauty” is described as. Dove products are aimed at women who are just like you and I. They want you to feel beautiful ¬†as yourself and stop making beauty an unattainable thing.

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The ad that was published to support real beauty is pictured above. It features women that are not the usual definition of beauty. When women like those above are pictured, with body types that are attainable in all shapes, sizes, and colors, women can relate. The definition of perfection is skewed to include more than one specific body type, hair color etc. After all we are all built differently with different features. How on earth is a woman supposed to feel confident if her body or hair is different that what society deems as beautiful. Dove is a powerful brand with a great brand image.

Being a woman myself, I would say that I am within their target market. I love dove products, and have been using them for years. The blog post about curly hair was also very near and dear to my heart with Dove’s campaign technique. I also know that my body type would never pass for what society deems as perfect or beautiful. In the modeling world I would be too short and a plus size model. I however do not live in the modeling world. I live in my world where Dove markets to women just like me; far from perfect, but beautiful in my own individual way.