Dove Does it Best

Dove’s most current campaign, which I would definitely say is my favorite is to #love your curls. This campaign is focused on women now, but more importantly women in future generations. This is a campaign towards natural hair. Many women use harmful chemicals or heat to straighten their hair daily, but Dove, being a very large and well known product line wants their ladies to appreciate their natural hair and in turn natural beauty.

The campaign is really amazing if you think about it. Women buy billions of self enhancement products each year, but don’t all women secretly wish they could get by on natural beauty alone? Not only could they spend less money on product, but also less time. Dove is making a campaign towards self confidence and esteem. They want women to feel comfortable in the bodies they were given without “enhancements”.

Popsugar, explains that Dove is all about trying to show women “real beauty” versus what they see on television. Women will always strive to look like models, but the reality is that a lot of what is depicted in media is not even achievable or a lot of times real. The article discusses the Dove video about girls aged 5-11 that hate their curls and wish for straight hair. The video asks the older people around those children to help let the girls know that they are beautiful the way they are and to accept their curls. Reading the comments below the article were so inspiring. One woman confessed that she struggled with her curls for 40 years and after watching the video she will now embrace them. It really goes to show what the power of a campaign for women can do.


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