Hair Hits the Web

Just as clothing trends are constantly changing, so do hair trends. One marketing tool Brands are starting to use are different social media sites. One such brand,Tresemme uses youtube videos to show their consumers how to make their hair as marketed in commercials. According to Vinana Naidu, Tresemme invites consumers to watch their videos, try it out, and blog about their results.

Similarly, well known brand Paul Mitchell also enjoys indulging in social media. Angus Mitchell, the son of Paul uses social media not only to promote products, but to let consumers stay connected and give a more personal feeling. He likes letting saloon owners and fans keep up with personal endeavours like his marriage and child on the way! He likes keeping his family connected because of brand recognition and the name itself. He also enjoys using groupon to generate buzz and lasso people in. When social media is involved, people also get to share their experiences and likes and dislikes about products.

Many companies would not be as successful without the usage of social media. Not only do companies use sites like groupon, but also Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. The more buzz created about products the better. Hair is considered part of vanity and women strive to have to most beautiful hair they are capable of. Dove uses sites such as Facebook and Twitter to share hair stories as well as enabling ladies to share about their hair on their own website. On the Dove website women are allowed to speak about their hair frustrations. Dove got women to post by awarding three women hair makeovers at the end of that specific campaign.


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In terms of who I am the answer is both simple and intricate as is the case with most other human beings. My hometown is a really small village called Metamora. Involvement has always been a constant in my life, and In high school I played sports such as volleyball and track and participated in all the shows in the music program such as musicals, madrigals, and jazz choir. This busy activity base set me up for my college schedule. I played volleyball freshman through junior year, and am heavily involved in the music program here. As for a major, mine hangs n the more simple side with Business Administration. Because I go to a small private University, I am able to be heavily immersed in choir, chamber choir, opera scenes, the Halloween concert, student recitals, honors recital, and voice lessons. All of this commitment leads to my music minor. In terms of personality, the adjectives that best describe mine are quirky, positive, empathetic, and driven. I like to multitask, and I know what every weekday will consist of the day before it happens. I have fun, there is no doubt about that, and tend to put others at ease with telling silly jokes to lift any tension. Perfectionism is an idea I believe is in the eye of the beholder, and I feel that there is no better than the best that I can offer. With that mindset tasks are tackled with one-hundred percent of what I am capable. This blog makes me rather excited. Besides singing and fitness one of my other loves is hair. I have always had an interest, and plan to delve even farther into hair products and how and why consumers use what they do. View all posts by lwille01

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