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Dove Does it Best

Dove’s most current campaign, which I would definitely say is my favorite is to #love your curls. This campaign is focused on women now, but more importantly women in future generations. This is a campaign towards natural hair. Many women use harmful chemicals or heat to straighten their hair daily, but Dove, being a very large and well known product line wants their ladies to appreciate their natural hair and in turn natural beauty.

The campaign is really amazing if you think about it. Women buy billions of self enhancement products each year, but don’t all women secretly wish they could get by on natural beauty alone? Not only could they spend less money on product, but also less time. Dove is making a campaign towards self confidence and esteem. They want women to feel comfortable in the bodies they were given without “enhancements”.

Popsugar, explains that Dove is all about trying to show women “real beauty” versus what they see on television. Women will always strive to look like models, but the reality is that a lot of what is depicted in media is not even achievable or a lot of times real. The article discusses the Dove video about girls aged 5-11 that hate their curls and wish for straight hair. The video asks the older people around those children to help let the girls know that they are beautiful the way they are and to accept their curls. Reading the comments below the article were so inspiring. One woman confessed that she struggled with her curls for 40 years and after watching the video she will now embrace them. It really goes to show what the power of a campaign for women can do.


Miracle 7

We are going to get a little personal in this post, but what woman does not like talking about her hair? I highlight my hair hair to blonde. Like any hair that has been bleached, it a lot more damaged than healthy, and I use heat a lot on it. My hair has a natural wave to it, and is definitely frizzy without proper treatment. One product that I have recently purchased is called Miracle 7. This little hair product is a light leave in conditioner that is supposed to help with the health of my damaged locks. Well let me tell you, I love it. It is a detangler, and does not leave my hair overly heavy after it dries or if I style my hair with it in.

I bought the product after my mom was suggested to use it was a saleswoman at Sally’s Beauty Supply. She loves it because she has very short hair that errs on the thin side. She does not use conditioner in her hair because it is to heavy for her hair. Miracle 7 was a great find for mother because she gets a close second with the spray. After reading reviews from the website MakeupAlley, I found a lot of women with the same views as my mother and I. My mom also bleaches her hair (come on blondes really do have more fun) and a lot of the reviews I read were full of other bottle blondes and their positive experiences with the product.

If anything else, the bottle is very visually appealing. It is a baby blue, and looks very sleek even though it is made of plastic. Even if my mother did not motivate me to buy this product I would have been drawn to it by the sheer looks of it. If the looks weren’t enough, the smell for sure would have got me. Because I use this product, I also use one of Miracle 7’s other products, the keratin leave in mist.

Hair Hits the Web

Just as clothing trends are constantly changing, so do hair trends. One marketing tool Brands are starting to use are different social media sites. One such brand,Tresemme uses youtube videos to show their consumers how to make their hair as marketed in commercials. According to Vinana Naidu, Tresemme invites consumers to watch their videos, try it out, and blog about their results.

Similarly, well known brand Paul Mitchell also enjoys indulging in social media. Angus Mitchell, the son of Paul uses social media not only to promote products, but to let consumers stay connected and give a more personal feeling. He likes letting saloon owners and fans keep up with personal endeavours like his marriage and child on the way! He likes keeping his family connected because of brand recognition and the name itself. He also enjoys using groupon to generate buzz and lasso people in. When social media is involved, people also get to share their experiences and likes and dislikes about products.

Many companies would not be as successful without the usage of social media. Not only do companies use sites like groupon, but also Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. The more buzz created about products the better. Hair is considered part of vanity and women strive to have to most beautiful hair they are capable of. Dove uses sites such as Facebook and Twitter to share hair stories as well as enabling ladies to share about their hair on their own website. On the Dove website women are allowed to speak about their hair frustrations. Dove got women to post by awarding three women hair makeovers at the end of that specific campaign.