Half Empty? Half Full?

You know how you open a bag of chips and it seems to be half gone? What about a box of crackers and I’m sure countless other purchased items that it doesn’t seem fair that they are as empty as they are. Well in California consumers had this same problem with 20 to 30 hair products. Sydney Cohen explains to her readers that Johnson and Johnson and Neutrogena were taken to court to settle these allegations of having misleading product packages. They have 24 months to get rid of all the misleading products, and did not disclose which products were in the misleading packages.

More than one company practices this misleading marketing because there is a Department of Agriculture and Division of Weights & Measures. It makes sense in terms of the company saving money, but the consumer is going to be less likely to repurchase products if they are not as full as expected. The company is saving money in some cases and hurting themselves in others by not keeping customers.

They were forced to resolve this by paying $506,000 in civil penalties and investigation costs. They would have saved more money by not being deceptive in the first place. In order to apologize to customers, or try to keep repeat customers they could send a sample in the mail or in stores if something is purchased to make up for the lost product. If customers are aware the company is sorry, and they try to express that they will be more likely to keep customers.

They could have prevented this packaging mishap by putting the correct amount of product in the packages. If it was a huge accident, they should have at least a few or all the products being weighed to see if they match the volume expressed on their packages.


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